"A Royal Night Out": Working with Julian Jarrold

The two weeks of rehearsal time prior to principal photography was a crucial period for Jarrold to work with his actors on the tone of the film. “A ROYAL NIGHT OUT is quite a tricky balance,” says the director. “It swings from moments of high farce to more serious and touching scenes. It was very important the rehearsals gelled the actors into that.”

He work-shopped every scene with the actors, which they appreciated given the fast speed of the actual shoot. “Julian is an incredible director,” says Gadon. “He put us through the wringer to get us ready. I felt really prepared when we went to camera.”

Jarrold worked hard to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere on set. “It’s important the actors do bring something of their own personality because in film, with the speed at which you have to shoot, one tries to find a sense of unity to the style of acting and the tone,” he explains.

The cast responded enthusiastically to this approach. “Julian has a wonderful energy,” says Gadon. “He was very open to any idea I had or anything I wanted to explore. That’s really important when you’re making a film because it’s a giant collaboration. The best people I’ve worked with are the people who are the most open. That doesn’t mean they don’t get their way or can’t command a set. Instead, they leave the creative space open to try things which is where you find the best work.. That’s what Julian does.”

Rupert Everett, the veteran of plenty of film sets, agrees: “Julian is a very nice, very quiet and very, very sweet man,” he says. “He listens a lot to actors. I think he probably likes actors which is a great plus.”

About A Royal Night Out

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